CBC Radio 2: Du Yun: A new musical voice

by Katherine Duncan
May 13, 2011

In Tune is pre-empted this week due to the Wagnerian epic coming live from the┬áMetropolitan Opera in New York, so we thought we’d give you a preview of next week’s show, which features a fascinating new compositional voice: Du Yun.

She’s a Chinese-American composer who takes her inspiration from a wide range of musical sources — from Elliott Carter to Kurt Weill to Bjork to Peruvian folk song. Du Yun says she writes intuitively and likes to blur the boundaries between musical and cultural influences. It’s an approach that’s getting lots of love from the critics.

The New York Times describes her music as “electrifying.” And I love this quote from the Financial Times of London: the writer compares Du Yun’s music to the sound of “a monster unleashed and subdued.”