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Du Yun: Press KitShort Bio & Photos

New York Times

“electrifying…” (Allan Kozinn)

“indie pop diva with an avant-garde edge” “inventive” (A.K)

“cutting-edge… to whom the term ‘young composer’ and ‘the pianist’ can hardly do justice” (Anne Midgette)

Financial Times

“riveting… heralded a significant voice… “ (Allan Ulrich)

TimeOut New York

“She has a boundless, almost childlike sense of curiosity about the world around her—she reinvents herself daily, and so does her music. This, combined with a fiercely disciplined technique and a total lack of interest in what anyone else thinks, just might make her that rare artist who catapults into international success but doesn’t feel the need to tame her wild side in the process…” (Column What we got next, Opera/Classical section, Claire Chase in conversation with Steven Smith)

Classical Reader, Chicago

“the most extravagant and overtly political”

San Jose Mercury News, San Jose

“an artist of enormous promises… This was nature at its most elemental…” (Georgia Rowe)

Third Coast Digest, Milwaukee

“All about pilling up and roughing up raucous ideas… a blast “

Detroit Free Press, Detroit

“a compelling voice”

La Presse, Montréal

“ineffably quaking… stirs a scene”

Cervantino, Mexico

“…a work loaded with subtle lament, spanning from chaotic sonorous atmosphere to structured improvisation…”

Volkeskrant, Amsterdam

“…reconciles savageness and quietness…”

De Rode Leeuw, Amsterdam

“…the strongest impression made yet, a political statement against oppression and violence”

Le Devoir, Montréal

“…one senses the exceptional ear, exploration and the results are impeccably powerful”

SoundProof Magazine

“…NY’s known wild child Du Yun combines eclectic and experimental bits of sound to compliment her voice… Regardless of style or genre, there is no denying the very visceral quality to Du Yun’s music – sure to make for a live experience worth talking about.” (Melissa Bessey)

Washington Post

“bridged thousand-year-old traditions and modern sensibilities with deft, perceptive grace… delicate and ethereal… a reverie of the past, in a thoroughly modern mind” (Stephen Brookes)

Musical AmericaASCAP Playback MagazineNPRSveriges Radio (Sweden), Radio Canada and others have featured her profile. Known as “protean” and “chameleonic”, the National Public Radio (USA) has recently voted her as one of 100 composers under 40.