Simurgh (2013)

— Sound design, 16-channels with 32-speakers


In the Press

“Swept into a rapturous sound installation”
New York Times: Hilary Hahn’s ‘27 Pieces’ at Greenwich House Music School



Du Yun created a sound design, Simurgh, a 16-channels with 32-speakers, for Hilary Hahn’s In 27 Release.

“Simurgh” is a mythical bird representing the unification between the earth and sky. A messenger creature can be found in the folklores of Persian, Ottoman, Kurdish, Armenian, Azeri, as well as from the period of the Byzantine Empires. As the bird is so old, she has seen the world destroyed three times. And we believe that she, too, possesses the knowledge of all ages.

Sound installation at Hilary Hahn’s In 27 Release

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