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Hundred Heads (2014)

ca. 16’min
— for Orchestra

premiered at Benaroya Hall, Seattle June 4, 2014
Conductor: Ludovic Morlot

Commissioned by the Seattle Symphony
( Sonic Evolution Series )

Slow Portraits (2013)

ca. 15’min
— for Orchestra

premiered at Carnegie Hall, Zankel, April 5, 2013
Conductor: George Manahan

Featuring hyper slow film of David Michalek’s Portraits in the Dramatic Time
( American Composers Orchestra, Playing it Unsafe )

Kraken (2012)

ca. 17’ min
— for Orchestra

premiered at Orchestra Hall, Detroit, MI, May 10 & 11, 2012
Conductor: Leonard Slatkin
( commissioned by Detroit Symphony Orchestra )

Mantichora (2010)

ca. 19’ min
— for large String Orchestra

premiered in Zellerbach Concert Hall, Berkeley, California, Jan 20 2011
Conductor: Joana Caneiro
( commissioned by Berkeley Symphony Orchestra )

Hovering (2007)

ca. 15’ min
— for Orchestra

premiered in Shanghai Concert Hall, Shanghai, China, Oct. 2007

Conductor: Zhang Guoyong
( commissioned by Shanghai Symphony Orchestra )

Impeccable Quake (2004)

ca. 10 min
— for Chamber Orchestra

premiered in Montréal, Canada, Nov. 2004
Conductor: Lorraine Vaillancourt
( written for Nouvel Ensemble Moderne )

Vicissitudes No.3 (2003)

ca. 10’ min
— for Chamber Orchestra

premiered at Harvard, Cambridge, May 2003
Conductor: Gil Rose
( Boston Modern Orchestra Project )

Ennui (2000-2001)

ca. 9’ min
— for Orchestra

premiered at Oberlin, OH, May 2001
( written Oberlin Orchestra )


Angel’s Bone (2011, 2015)

— ca. 87 minutes

A chamber ensemble version was premiered at Mann Center for the Performing Arts, Philadelphia,
Sep ‘11
( commissioned by the Mann Center Performing Arts, with funding by Philadelphia Music Project )

Angel’s Bone, with its full length opera, received its world premiere staging at the Prototype Festival 2016, written for the Trinity Choir, and Trinity Baroque Orchestra to be premiered at Trinity Wall Street, as part of PROTOTYPE, 2016
( commissioned by Prototype Festival, and the Trinity Wall Street )

Cast: Mrs. X.E. …. Abigail Fischer, Mr. X.E., Kyle Pfortmiller, Boy Angel, Kyle Bielfield, Girl Angel, Jennifer Charles

Angel’s Bone tells the story of two fallen angels who are found in a middle-class couple’s garden, who nurture the wounded cherubs back to health only to force them into prostitution to earn back their plucked feathers.

Women: The War Within (2013- )

ca. 1 hour
— A dance-theatre opera 

Libretto: Matthew Maguire; Director: Paul Warner
First Workshop: Barynishkov Arts Center, Jerome Theatre, June, 2013

This work that explores the rise of female consciousness in the pursuit of power, four of the most powerful women in history meet: Empress Wu, the only female Empress of China, Cleopatra, the last Pharaoh of Egypt, Aung San Suu Kyi, Nobel Peace Prize-winning activist of Burma, and Hillary Clinton, American stateswoman. The ancient ones are haunted by the murders and seductions by which they forged their path to power.  Encountering their warlike ancestors in a parallel universe, how will Aung San Suu Kyi and Hillary Clinton confront the war within? How does power transform us?

Zolle (2004-2005)

ca. 55’ min
— chamber opera

Voice, Narrator, Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Violin, Viola, ‘Cello, recorded ensemble, and electronics; texts written by Du Yun

premiered at Performance Space 122, NYC, Oct ‘05
( commissioned by Jerome Foundation International Contemporary Ensemble )

Chamber Orchestra version premiered at New York City Opera, VOX, May 2010
(New York City Opera Orchestra, Julian Wachner conducts )

In Zolle (It., big chunk of earth), a dead woman is a land-watcher. She wanders through the shadowy space between memory and reality, tracing the lines of her identity through the land she once walked: an immigrant in death as in life. In her haunted travels between the worlds of life and the afterlife, she is unable to choose between the living and the dead, at loss to let go of either. Finally, with her sorrows, solitudes, and peacefulness, she lets go of both, turning into a part of the earth.

Performance Art / Visual-Sound Art

Simurgh (2013)

— Sound design, 16-channels with 32-speakers

Pivot, with Shahzia Sikander (2013)

— 3 channel HD animation, 5760×1080 pixels, 24p. 5.1 surround sound, 15:40 min

Parallax (2013)

— 3-channel video and 5.1 surround sound with Shahzia Sikander

Shown at Sharjah Biennial, United Arab Emirates
Auckland Triennial

Parallax, performance (2013)

— 3-channel video and 5.1 surround sound with Shahzia Sikander

Performed live at the opening of Sharjah Biennial 2013, featuring the Emirati poets Abdullah Al Hedeyeh, Shaikha Al Mutairi, the Palestani poet Hamsa Younis, and the shehhnai player, Mohamed Lashkuri

Run (2012)

— Performance art, with Claire Chase

commissioned by the Guangzhou 2012 International Art Triennial
Guangzhou Opera House, Sep 28th, 2012 travels to the Guangdong Art Museum

Sep 28th through Dec 2012

Interstitial (2012)

ca. 12′ min
— for a video

collaboration with visual artist Shahzia Sikander

( Hong Kong International Art Fair 2012, May 17-20 2012; and at Basel Art Fair June 2012, Switzerland )

Gossamer (2010)

— for Video Installation, collaboration with visual artist Shahzia Sikander

( co-comissioned by the Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum, exhibition: By Day By Night, Shanghai Rockbund Art Museum Oct 2010-Jan 2011; Tokyo Contemporary Art Museum, San Francisco Art Institute March 2011 – May 2011 )

Music for Alice Guy Blache (2009)

ca. 30′ min
— scored for three silent films: Madamme a des Envoy, Sage de Femme and The Thief

for Alice Guy-Blache’s retrospective at the Whitney Museum of American Art
premiered at the Crossing the Line Festival, Florence Gould Hall, FIAF, and screened at the Whitney Museum of Art, Oct 2009-Jan 2010
( commissioned by the Whitney Museum Live )

Sound Design || Recording Project

Cihu, Assassinating  the Tiger General (2011)

ca. 30’ min
— revamping the Kunqu Opera

Oct 2011, Asia Society, NYC
CD to be released on Modern Sky (China) Feb 2013
( Qian Yi and Du Yun Quartet )

Sound design for Portraits for the Dramatic Times (2011)

ca. 3 hr
— Sound design, forty short films projected outdoors, on the Façade of David Koch Theatre, music broadcasted over wi-fi at the Lincoln Center

Lincoln Center Festival 2011, Façade of David Koch Theatre, July 5th 2011-July 2011

Mutant Nomads (2008)

ca. 20’ min
— for dance

Park Avenue Armory
NYC Nov 2008
( Moving Theatre )

I have been to Hiroshima, Mon Amour (2008)

ca. 1 hour 30 min
— for a Play

( playwright: Chiori Miyagawa; director: Jean Wagner; based on Maguerite Duras’ 1959 screenplay Hiroshima mon amour)
( co-comissioned by Voice & Vision Theater and Jamaica Arts Center of New York City )

A Studio Recording, LP (2006-2009)

— a pop album released in 2011, on New Focus.

With Electronics

Fallen Warriors (2011)

ca. 14’ min
— for chamber ensemble and laptop

premiered at Le Poisson Rouge, Jan 2011
Commissioned by the Metropolis Ensemble

Zinc Oxide (2010)

ca. 10’ min
— for solo cello and laptop

commissioned by the Chicago’s Humanities Festival
premiered at Symphoany Space, by iO quartet and DuYun, Dec, 2008
( Katinka Kleijn and Du Yun )

A Cockroach’s Tarentella (2008)

ca. 20’ min
— for narrator, string quartet and live electronics

commissioned by the Chamber Music America 2008
premiered at Symphony Space, by iO quartet and DuYun, Dec, 2008

Run in a Graveyard (2008)

ca. 15’ min
— for flute solo and electronics

Commissioned by the Fromm Foundation
( Claire Chase )

obliteration (2007)

ca. 30’ min
— for vocal, processed Chinese zither, pno, vln, drums and live electronics

premiered the Internacional Cervatino Festival, Mexico, Oct 2007

Air Glow (2006)

ca. 15’ min
—Trumpet Ensemble with Live Electronics

premiered at Makor, New York, NY, Oct. 2006
( commissioned by New Trumpet Music Festival, New York Trumpet Ensemble )

San – 1 (2003)

ca. 10’ min

premiered at Rosenberg+Kaufman Fine Art, SoHo, NYC, April 2003
( David Schotzko )

Sanº (2002)

ca. 11’ min
— a prose for Cello and electronics

premiered at Harvard, Cambridge, May 2004
( Frances-Marie Uitti )

Red in June (2000)

ca. 10’ min
— for tape

premiered at Oberlin, OH, Dec. 2000


Tattooed in Snow (2015)

ca. 16’ min
— string quartet

premiered by the Shanghai Quartet at the PEAK Performances, Montclair January 2015
Commissioned by the PEAK Performances

( Shanghai Quartet )

Quatrain:  Slow Portraits 3 (2014)

ca. 14’ min
— ob, hn, vln, gtr, hp, perc

premiered at Cal Performances, January 2015
Commissioned by the TenFourteen Project conductor: Steven Schick

( San Francisco Chamber Players )

Your eyes are not your eyes (2013)

ca. 10’ min
— soprano, ob, vln, gtr, hp,

premiered at South Americas Society, April 2013
Commissioned by the Americas Society
( International Contemporary Ensemble )

Keep something broken (2012)

ca. 10’ min
— fl, ob, tpt, tba, perc, pno,

Commissioned by the Stoney Brooke Premiere! Series.
( Stony Brooke New Ensemble, premiered at Symphony Space 2012 and Stony Brooke )

The Hidden Face (2012)

ca. 14’ min
— for cl, erhu, pipa, zheng, violin, cello

premiered at Merkin Concert Hall, March 2012
Commissioned by the Ecstatic Music Festival 2012
( Music from the Copland House, and Music from China )

A Few Stops on the N train (2011)

ca. 15’ min
— for narrator and string quartet, electronics

premiered at the Kitchen, March 2011
Commissioned by the 21c Liederabend Festival
( ACME, Du Yun )

dream-bend (2007)

ca. 4’ min
— for clarinet, violin, ‘cello, and narrator

premiered at Tank, NYC, Oct 2007
( New York Minituarist Ensemble )

by… of, Lethean (2007)

ca. 11’ min
— for mixed ensemble (fl, cl, perc, zheng, vln, vla, vc, cb)

premiered in Münich, Germany, May 2007
( commissioned by the Shanghai New Music Festival, Shanghai New Ensemble )

morsel • eroding (2003)

ca. 8’ min
— for a bass clarinet (doubling E-flat) and a Tam-Tam

premiered at New York City, Dec. 2003
( Josh Rubin & David Schotzko )

…like the euphillum blooming at night (2003)

ca. 7’ min
— duet for harp and Chinese Zither, with a back-stage cello

premiered at Harvard, Cambridge, Dec. 2003
( Yinuo Mu, Du Yun & Karola Obermüller )

Vicissitudes No.1 (2002)

ca. 14’ min
— for Clarinet or Alto Saxophone, Cello, Contrabass, Percussion, Piano and a Steel Guitar

premiered at Harvard, Cambridge, May 2002
( Bang On a Can All-Star )

Xi-Feng-Can-Zhao (2001)

ca. 9’ min
— Version for Violin, Alto Flute and Harp

premiered at Oberlin, OH, May 2001
( Dave Bowlin, Claire Chase & Yinuo Mu )

Wordlessness Less (2000)

ca. 22’ min
— a Percussion Chamber Concerto with Flute, Clarinet, Piano, Two Violas and Two Cello

premiered at Oberlin, OH, May 2000
( Oberlin Contemporary Ensemble )

Avec et’Cetera (1999)

ca. 10’ min
— Duet for Flute and Clarinet (flautist doubling piccolo and alto flute)

premiered at Avignon, France, July 1999
( at the Centre Acanthes Music Festival )

Falling (1999)

ca. 20’ min
— for Seven Contra Basses, one Oboe and two PVC Pipes

premiered at Oberlin, OH, May 1999
( Oberlin Bass Ensemble & Zheng Huang )

Wu-Tong-Ying (1995)

ca. 8’ min
— duet for Baritone and Piano

premiered at Shanghai, China, 1993

Nirvana (1994)

ca. 14’ min
— for Suo-Na (a Chinese instrument), Clarinet, Viola, Contrabass, Chinese Percussion and Piano

premiered at Shanghai, China, 1994

Xi-Feng-Can-Zhao (1990)

ca. 15’ min
— trio for Xiao, Er-Hu and Yang-Qin (three Chinese instruments)

premiered at Shanghai, China, 1990
( Mao Yu-Long, Ying Ming & Yao Xin-Feng )


An Empty Garlic (2014)

ca.19’ min
— for Bass Flute and electronics

commissioned by Project&,
( Claire Chase, world tour of Density 2036, part ii )

When a Tiger meets a Rosa Ragusa (2012)

ca. 6’ min
— for Violin solo and piano

World tour
commissioned by Hilary Hahn, for the encore project
( Hilary Hahn )

The Ocean Within (2011)

ca. 7’ min
— Harp solo

premiered at Le Poisson Rouge, Jan 2011
Commissioned by Bridget Kibbey; upcoming on Bridget Kibbey’s harp solo album
( Bridget Kibbey )

Zigzaggg (2001)

ca. 15’ min
— Solo for Contrabass

premiered in Oberlin, OH, May 2001
( Randall Zigler )

Schizo – Latent Lamentation (1999)

ca. 9’ min
— version for Alto Saxophone Solo

premiered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Nov 1999
( Dave Reminick )

dear me, have you caught… (1998)

ca. 15’ min
— for Harp Solo with backstage Piano Improvisation

premiered at Oberlin, OH, April 1998
( Rachel Schermer & Du Yun )

Schizo – Latent Lamentation (1997)

ca. 10’ min
— for Oboe Solo

premiered in Oberlin, OH, Nov. 1997
( Zheng Huang )

Permeating (1997)

ca. 6’ min
—for Inside Piano and Voice (one performer)

premiered in Oberlin, OH, Oct.1997
( Du Yun )

Peking Opera (1993)

ca. 6’ min
— for Piano Solo

premiered in Shanghai, China, 1993
( Du Yun )

Hong-dou-dou (1992)

ca. 9’ min
— Sonata in three Movements for Cello and Piano

premiered in Shanghai, China, 1992
( Xie Guang-Yu & Du Yun )

16 Piano Etudes and Suites (1988-1993)