A Cockroach’s Tarantella (2010)

《 跳塔郎泰拉舞的某蟑螂》

for String Quartet and a Narrator
Duration: 19 mins

English Version Sound Excerpt:

Chinese Text Version Video:

About the Work

In 2004, I wrote my first chamber opera, Zolle, which was a story on After-life. Nearing finishing Zolle, I fabricated another story that would serve as a Life-Before fable. This Life-Before story, A Cockroach’s Tarantella, was meant to score for a string quartet and a narrator for a later time, but could be heard preceding Zolle. Both stories, using a borrowed human idealization, deal with my fascination on our regressive memories, roots, as well as the idea of ultimate and yet cyclic quests.

(*Fact: Some female cockroach species mate once in their lives, and then continue to produce ootheca, or egg cases, of thirty to forty eggs at two to three day intervals under temperature of 20o Centigrade. Average cockroach life span is 6 months to a year, human time.)


2004年, 我写完我第一部室内歌剧,Zolle,那是一部有关来生的故事, 自己编的文字。 在即将写完之前,另一部有关前世的故事在耳朵里逐渐形成。这部前生的幻事, 就是这 《跳塔郎泰拉舞的某蟑螂》,我听到的是弦乐四重奏和一个叙说者,作品可以单独成立,也可以作为室内歌剧Zolle 的前幕。 两首主人公的命运毫不相关却相辅相成,当时我对人类蜕化的记忆,溯源和我们不断追寻所谓向上,崇高然而却周而复始的现象挺感兴趣。

据悉科普:有种母性蟑螂类一生中只交配一次,继而不断产卵囊,在20摄氏度左右每两到三天产卵30到40 颗不等。如果用人类的时间来推算,普通蟑螂的生命期大约六月到一年。


First Performance:

iO Quartet
Erik Carlson, Joshua Modney, violin; Elizabeth Weisser, viola; Chris Gross, Violoncello; Du Yun, narrator
Feb 2010, at the Symphony Space, NYC

Commissioned by the Chamber Music America USA

Story and text by Du Yun


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