Brooklyn Rider’s 2021 Grammy-Nominated Album “Healing Modes” features Du Yun’s “i am my own achilles heel”

Healing Modes, Brooklyn Rider’s newest album, was nominated for the 2021 Grammy Awards, the Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble category. Released at the height of the pandemic, Steve Smith noted that Healing Modes “…could not possibly be more relevant or necessary than it is now.” (The New Yorker)

Healing Modes features Du Yun’s work, i am my own achilles heel, which is inspired by Alice in Wonderland Syndrome and “balances on the edge of distortion and clarity.”  (I care if you listen)

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Brooklyn Rider is continuing weekly release of videos featuring the composers of its Grammy-nominated album ‘Healing Modes,’ this pre-pandemic #tbt of Du Yun’s “i am my own achilles’ heel” was performed in front of a live audience atWGBH
This immersive and atmospheric piece evokes the neurological condition of Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, a disorder that affects and warps a patient’s perception of their surroundings, and this piece lies right there, at that liminal state of half-hallucination and half-fantastical unreality.