“Day 198” Du Yun+Ok Miss (2020)

About the Work

Video Premiere: August 16, 2020, at X AVANT XV Festival

“Day 198: is a performance film on Du Yun & OK MISS, a part-meditative, part-punk, a muse on separated and connected. A connected cloud vine. “Day 198” was made for Toronto’s X AVANT – XV Festival.

Directed by Du Yun & Nicholas Houfek
Photography: Zhen Qin
Editors: Zhen Qin, Du Yun, and Nicholas Houfek
Drone camera: Darren Kawa
Live Sound Engineer: Logan Miley
Production Assistant: Jamie Leidwinger

Featuring the poem “Separated,” by Nikola Madzirov.
Band member featured and solo-ed in this film: Aakash Mittal, Grey Mcmurray, Ava Mendoza, Shayna E Dunkelman and Du Yun

Thanks to Toronto’s X AVANT FESTIVAL, Toronto’s Music Gallery, Aga Khan Museum, and the Pioneer Works.