“In Our Daughter’s Eyes” – is The New Yorker’s Notable Performances of 2022

by Alex Ross for The New Yorker

December 14, 2022

Notable Performances and Recordings of 2022

Ten Notable Performances of 2022

LA Opera In Our Daughter's Eyes.
Photograph by Craig T. Mathew / Courtesy LA Opera

Du Yun’s “In Our Daughter’s Eyes”

Du Yun, who won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize for music for her operatic dystopia “Angel’s Bone,” explores more intimate terrain in “In Our Daughter’s Eyes,” which had its première at L.A. Opera, in April, and will play at the Prototype Festival, in New York, in January. The new opera is a one-man show, with the baritone Nathan Gunn portraying a father-to-be who faces down his demons and flaws. Du Yun’s complex, seething textures helped Gunn to achieve a grittily detailed emotional realism of a kind I’ve seldom witnessed on an opera stage.

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Catch it in its New York Run at the Prototype Festival