Keynote: “The Multiplicities of Our Bloodlines” The year was/is 2020, the year of the existential crisis. Many of us have been brewing doubts about who we are and where we belong. Culture becomes a privilege, a mirror of values, a nexus of self and socio-economic realization. In this time of rampant nationalism and “cancel culture,” current social structures highlight the divides between us all; a global pandemic, to many of us, only... Read More
Opera: The Arrivals wash up on the shore. They make contact with another civilization they call “the Hosts.” And from there, the story splinters, following diverging perspectives. Starting as a procession through the LA State Historic Park, Sweet Land becomes an opera that erases itself. Read More
Tom Service meets the boundary-defying Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Du Yun, as she prepares to curate a radical upgrade of ancient Chinese and Indonesian sound-worlds in 'The New Java and Shanghai', part of Southbank's new music festival Soundstate. Read More
for String Quartet. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland Syndrome, "i am my own achilles heel" explores Du Yun's fascination with a fantastical world that lies in a reality, a liminal state that lies at the edge of half-fantastical, half-hallucination. Read More
Fallen Warriors, the Cihuacoatl's Eye for flute, clarinet, contrabassoon, trumpet, trombone, string quintet, and electronics. Duration: 14' Read More
Tattooed in Snow explores the temporary and fragile crystallization in nature and in space. The four players of the quartet form the four pillars of a musical space, and as a chant begins to move among theme, it layers, repeats and takes shape in the manner of a sculpture in sand or snow. Read More
for alto flute and electronics. Imagine, one afternoon you go into a graveyard, any graveyard in total silence and stillness, you start to run, run so fast that your feet almost lifted... Read More