“Sweet Land” Appeared on Notable Recording of 2021 by The New Yorker, and I Care if You Listen

The Album Sweet Land made to multiple End of Year list.

The New Yorker by  Alex Ross

December 9, 2021

Du Yun and Raven Chacon, “Sweet Land”; the Industry (The Industry)

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Sweet Land, the latest ambitious undertaking from The Industry, has gone through a number of transmutations since its March 2020 premiere. The live immersive experience ran for two weeks before being shut down by Covid. Scrambling to document and preserve the critically-acclaimed work, the cast gave one final performance for a camera crew to create an on-demand video. And now, the opera has been released in its audio-only format on The Industry RecordsSweet Land presents a two-track narrative where audiences, by design, were only intended to experience half of the story. But the video and album versions of the work both afford listeners the luxury of hearing the complete narrative. From the creative team of composers Raven Chacon and Du Yun, librettists Aja Couchois Duncan and Douglas Kearney, and directors Cannupa Hanska Luger and Yuval Sharon, Sweet Land is a harrowing operatic allegory of global indigeneity, settler colonialism, genocide, displacement, erasure, and the blurred ways in which resistance narratives surface. 

AMANDA COOK, December 14, 2021

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