Du Yun Composer Portrait at Miller Theatre

written by Lara Pellegrinelli

Miller Theatre commissioned writer Lara Pellegrinelli to create this season’s Composer Portraits program notes, featuring a snapshot of each composer in words through exploration of the many possible meanings of the term “practice.”
(Works covered: An Empty Garlic, Ixtab 10 pm, Dinosaur Scar, Under a Tree, an Udātta, Zinc Oxide, Air Glow, Vicissitudes No.1, Impeccable Quake)


Du Yun Keynote: “The Multiplicities of Our Bloodlines”

The symposium “Curating Diversity in Europe”, which can be attended both on- and offline, offers a platform for keeping the discourse on diversity in contemporary music in Europe alive, developing potentials for transformation during a time of limited international encounters and swelling nationalistic currents. The focus of the symposium is on processes and profiles of curating that critically question power structures and Eurocentric patterns of thought, to implement political, collective or participatory strategies in the curatorial decision-making process.

Brooklyn Rider’s 2021 Grammy-Nominated Album “Healing Modes” features Du Yun’s “i am my own achilles heel”